The subject of fingerprint security is always important. Ever since OEMs like HTC, Samsung, and LG added the security technology in their phones, the mobile industry has embraced the idea of biometrics being used in a smaller device. The fingerprint sensor or reader is usually found at the back of the phone. If not, there’s the home button that doubles as such. There’s the idea to embed the fingerprint sensor on the display but it’s taking a while for technology to be perfect or, at least, working.

We know perfection can’t be achieved but it’s taking suppliers a lot of time to make the in-display sensor work. For one, Samsung keeps on delaying. The Galaxy S9 won’t have it. Before 2017 ended, Synaptics finally introduced the Clear ID in-display sensor. We were told it would be ready on a Vivo phone soon. If you may remember, the Vivo Xplay 7 was leaked with under display fingerprint sensor.

At this week’s tech event in CES 2018, Vivo is finally showing off its in-display fingerprint scanning phone which is almost ready for mass-production. The one-touch fingerprint scanning feature allows fast unlocking of a device. No need to reach the back of your phone or press the home button because you only need to tap your fingerprint on the display screen. It’s convenient and safe but we have yet to test its reliability during normal use.

Vivo’s SVP Alex Feng is excited about this development. He shared: “With our efforts in extensive consumer research and long-term R&D investment, Vivo is well positioned to pioneer the development of fingerprint scanning technology”. He added it’s a “big leap forward in bringing consumers this long-awaited, futuristic mobile experience”.



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