Fingerprint scanners on computers and smartphones is nothing new, and one many consider to be the safest way to access your device. According to Swedish company Fingerprint Cards, we could be seeing a lot more of the technology in smartphones. They expect Samsung to launch one or two, and their CEO thinks we’ll see seven or eight companies use the tech next year.

He might know a thing or two, also. Fingerprint Cards was once courted by Apple, who eventually went with AuthenTec for their fingerprint scanning needs. If correct, the fingerprint scanner will become nearly standard for mobile devices. Samsung, LG, and Huawei are all said to be interest in implementing the technology, according to the Swedish fingerprint firm.

You may remember Fingerprint Cards for making headlines a few weeks ago. In a PR stunt — reportedly not theirs — news leaked out that Samsung had purchased the Swedish company for upwards of $650 million. The news caused a stock market stir, eventually driving up the stock price for both Fingerprint Cards and a close competitor. Swedish authorities are still looking into the matter.

If factual, we could end up with the ability to lock our devices down like never before. We’re not sure ust how the technology would really work at this point (do we need a dedicated sensor? Can software handle it from the screen?), but it’s a bold new direction for mobile security. Then again, it could just be more chatter from a company that has been called into question before.