The following is a report on what prices you’re going to be paying for all 4G LTE data on your DROID Charge, HTC ThunderBolt, LG Revolution, and soon your Motorola XOOM (which will soon be called XOOM 4G or XOOM LTE) as well as all of your 3G devices. Gone will be the days of unlimited data plans, in will be the terrifying onset of tiered data. While this setup will more than likely not affect those who only use LTE to check their email, those who use the connection to download games, run videos, and generally go through their day swapping data like madmen and women will be opening up their wallets and dumping out the contents, if you know what I mean. Recent polls point toward these power users being rather Android inclined, so we’ve got to put the word out to you!

The following list of prices has been passed to us by an anonymous source, but upon searching we’ve found the same list to have been passed to our pals at Phandroid as well as DROID Life so unless there’s one intricate trickster out there covering all the bases, we’ve got to note that this seems pretty legit.

Data plans:
2GB – $30/month
5GB – $50/month
10GB – $80/month
Overage costs $10 per 1GB

Each of these plans is upgradable for an extra $20 a month to be able to use your until-now free mobile hotspot with a bonus 2GB (again, per month). Tablets will have a separate data plan as well, this one following the following guidelines instead of the above:

Tablet data plans:
$20 for 1GB switches to 2GB – $30/month
Overage costs $10 per 1GB

Again this set of details will affect both 3G and 4G devices and ONLY new devices not already on contract. AKA if you’ve already got a device on a plan that’s cheaper than this, you’ll be fine for the time being. Whether or not this will affect those hoping to upgrade to a new device (perhaps from a 3G to a 4G device, for example,) is still unclear.

Will this affect whether or not you purchase a Verizon device after July 7th?

Also note that this directly correlates with the extension of free service Verizon has noted for their 4G LTE mobile hotspots on devices such as the HTC ThunderBolt. You’ll have that extra amount of time (until the 6th, that is,) to enjoy said free service, while your unlimited data should remain past that point if you’re already locked into a contract.

Any questions?