We’ve been hearing numerous information about the upcoming Galaxy S8 but most of them are not confirmed yet. We’re regarding them as rumors and speculations for now. So far, we’ve heard it may be unveiled later in April 2017 with an LG Chem phone battery, dual-curved Y-OCTA display, front camera with Smart AF feature, and some Harman stereo speakers.

Now we’re hearing information that the price of next year’s premium flagship phone will be about 20% more expensive that its predecessor. This is according to Goldman Sachs people who said that material prices will rise including the new display. Obviously, more expensive supplies will mean the final product price will also be up. That’s not a surprising trend but Samsung can still lower the price if it decides to give way and sell the S8 in the same pricing as the S7 or even the iPhone as its top rival.

We’ve gathered several details about the possible specs and features of the Galaxy S8 and they are as follows: Super AMOLED screen, 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, Exynos chipset/Qualcomm Snapdragon processor(USA only), 6GB RAM, 32/64/128GB onboard storage, microSD card slot for up to 256GB of storage expansion, home button/fingerprint scanner at back or on display, 8MP front-facing camera ( 1080p video 60fps), and a 16MP rear camera (4K video, 24, 30, 60fps). There’s also the possibility of an artificial intelligence assistant known as Bixby to be a main feature of the device. These are all high specs and we’re assuming some of them are pricey. Considering the price of this year’s Galaxy S7, then the S8 could be around $950.

We’re still hoping for that Mobile World Congress launch but we guess it will be safer for Samsung to wait a bit and move the launch to April. Let’s just wait and see.

VIA: SlashGear