Since we’re supposedly just a few months away from the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S8 (at least, we assume that’s still the name), the rumor mill just keeps churning out all sorts of “leaked information” and speculation about the upcoming flagship. The latest round of rumors concerns the audio-related features for the device, which will be the first major smartphone that Samsung will release after the whole Note 7 debacle. Their newly acquired subsidiary, audio accessory brand Harman, figures in the latest rumors as well.

Some insiders are saying that the Galaxy S8 will be getting dual speakers and for the first time, it will have stereo speakers, much like its arch rival Apple’s iPhone 7. It might come with its own branding as well, and may even sport the name of Harman, which was recently acquired by the Korean OEM for $8 billion. However, that is still a big maybe because the reason for the buyout is more to boost their connected car tech rather than their smartphone line. And even if that will happen, it might be for their 2018 flagship.

Previous rumors about the Galaxy S8 have said that it will probably have an artificial intelligence digital assistant service. The camera will be much improved to catch up with a lot of the new smartphones today and will be very virtual reality friendly. It will supposedly have two variants: a 6.2-inch bezel-less display and a 5.7-inch curved display variant, but both will have really thin bezels.

The Galaxy S8 is expected to be announced in late February to kick off the World Mobile Congress, as Samsung usually has an event the day before the actual expo. It may also go on sale by March in selected markets.

VIA: Fone Arena