The Galaxy Note 7 issue has certainly made a few changes within and outside Samsung. We don’t know every decision of the South Korean tech company but we know it will make important adjustments especially after the recent issue that made them recall and end production of this year’s Note. We’ve been saying that Samsung is thinking of tapping LG for the next flagship’s battery. Looks like it will happen as both South Korean brands are believed to be in discussion.

LG Chem, LG’s division that manufactures batteries, is believed to be just one of Samsung’s smartphone battery suppliers. This is according to a recent report on Chosun Ilbo newspaper. If true, then this will finally diversify Samsung’s supplier base. At present, Samsung has Samsung SDI and Amperex Technology (ATL) from China as its main battery suppliers. Unfortunately, the recent Note 7 brouhaha was so bad that prompted Samsung to seek for new suppliers.

We’re not saying the batteries from the suppliers are really at fault. Early investigations are saying there is a problem but it’s not exactly the battery. You see, Samsung changed the batteries after the first recall but the same thing happened. Reports of overheating and battery explosion were still reported.

We’re all for Samsung getting a new supplier for further accountability. Hopefully next year with the Galaxy S8, there won’t be any similar problem. It would be interesting to see Samsung working with LG Chem. There may be fear for possible tech leaks between the two but we’re trusting the two are mature and professional enough to respect and not take advantage of each other.

In case you didn’t know, LG Chem produces smartphone batteries for Apple and LG so there shouldn’t be any problem at all.