Oh, hello there. By now, you’re social media feed is full of leaks, rumors, early sightings, initial reviews, hands-on features, and announcements of new mobile devices from dozens of gadget makers from all over the world. Not anyone can catch up and I doubt when MWC opens, that you’d be able to keep track of the news. Before we get caught up in all those exciting announcements, take some time to download these new apps that we know you will find useful.

Edge Launcher

Edge Launcher 1

Now that the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are about to be unveiled, we’re expecting more developers will make use of the ‘edge screens’ of the phones. There are only a few apps that take advantage of the edges like this Edge Launcher. This app offers an Expand Notifications quick setting, customizable toggles, faster gesture controls, and multitasking to Android.

Edge Launcher also works as an efficient app switcher that can be easily accessed from the smartphone’s edge. This app only works on the Samsung phones with curved edges like the Galaxy S6 Edge/S6 Edge+, Note Edge, Note 5, and the upcoming S7 Edge.

Download Edge Launcher from the Google Play Store

Wolfram Cloud


Woldram Cloud isn’t exactly the kind you would download and use for fun but developers who are always on-the-go will find this useful. It’s a cloud service that offers private and reliable deployment services when you need to check and view a program or code you’re working on mobile. Feel free to use the built-in algorithms from the large network of the Wolfram Language.

Even before you release a program or any content at full production scale, you can view your developments on Wolfram Cloud.

Download Wolfram Cloud



No doubt that YouTube is the best and worst rabbit hole. Depending on how you use YouTube, you can say it’s either a boon or a bane. If you don’t like giving any information or personal data to Google while browsing YouTube videos, you can do so now with Newpipe. It’s a minimalist Youtube player without Google Play Services. This also means no more ads interrupting your videos because Google doesn’t know your identity.

Newpipe also allows YouTube videos to play in the background so you are free to multitask on your phone or tablet.

Download Newpipe from Reddit


Foodie App 2

The Foodie app is a food photographer’s bestfriend. Even if you’re not a pro, you can take professional looking images that you can share to your family and friends via social media networks. Your main goal is to choose from any of the customized filters to make the food look more appetizing and then tempt whoever with those tasty meals.

Download Foodie

Sony Weather App

sony weather

This weather app is exclusive for Sony Xperia owners. App offers details on wind formation, humidity, high and low temperature for current location, win, and temperature. It’s also a widget that can display multiple weather locations, information, and weather forecast for the next three days. It’s a simple app that shows animated background images just like most weather apps available. Despite the simple ‘Weather’ name, Xperia users will find this a gem because of its simplicity, minimalist, and no-fuss user interface—that’s rare now in most weather apps on the Google Play Store. Most of them tend to be complicated, showing a number of dashboards of information you don’t really need.

Download Sony Weather if you own an Xperia device