The name Wolfram isn’t new to the Android market since we saw the WolframAlpha app from more than five years ago. Fast forward to 2016, the company is launching the Wolfram Cloud with the aim of providing a central infrastructure for the brand’s services and products. This cloud service offers reliable, private and secure storage, linguistics, and deployment capabilities among others.

The Wolfram Cloud depends on the Wolfram Language so that means it is programmable. Cloud operations can be customized—allowing flexibility, power, and integration to the cloud technology that’s actually a platform wider than we can imagine.

One of the many advantages of running Wolfram Language is that it boasts of a huge network of built-in algorithms. With Wolfram Cloud, this network can be easily and quickly accessed. You can also make use of other cloud-based items from programs to languages, devices, APIs, and databases.

Wolfram Cloud allows the user and developer to view deployments on mobile. This can be useful as anyone can release content at full production scale. Simply put, it allows mobility and easy accessibility to any developer that needs to see his code or content right away. This app complements the Wolfram Language available on desktop so you can work on whatever application or program with more efficiency, convenience, and speed.

The Wolfram Cloud app listed on the Play Store is just a preliminary release so you may still see some bugs and errors that need fixing.

Download Wolfram Cloud from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Wolfram