Admit it. You like taking photos of your meals before gorging on them. No? That’s fine but maybe at least once in your life, you’ve captured on camera that mouthwatering chocolate lava cake you wanted all for yourself. For foodies who are serious with tasting and reviewing every new recipe, specialty, or restaurant there is in town, a smartphone is good enough to take images of those sumptuous meals. No need to bring a bulky DSLR because really, you don’t want to be bothered.

However, foodies still need something that will create the best foodie pics. Most native phone cameras have filters but the results don’t exactly do justice to the actual food served before you. Good thing there is the Foodie app that allows you to edit photos with tools for more professional looking images. You can take food photography to the next level with the Foodie app. All you need to do is just snap a pic, choose a filter, and then post online. Wait for those hearts and thumbs up to come your way.

Foodie app features over 20 filters customized especially for taking photos of your meals you want to share and tempt your family and friends with. Honestly, this is one category that should be preferred over those selfies. Honestly, we’d rather look at attractive food then those umm, narcissistic photos.

The Foodie app can amazingly transform any regular food photo into an attractive image. There’s a smart guide feature that teaches you how to properly capture your meal from above plus a camera shot angle-based auto blurring effect. This dedicated camera app is perfect for the foodies. Even if you’re not a real foodie or a restaurant reviewer, you can use this one to take and edit photos of every attractive meal served on the table.

Download Foodie from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: LINE Corporation