Fossil has been making its mark in the watch industry. This time though, it’s doing well in the smartwatch game with successful products since 2015. The group started when it acquired the Misfit wearable technology brand. It first announced the Q Founder line followed by new accessories unveiled at last year’s CES. The Q Founder was even updated to Android Marshmallow and then to Android Wear 1.5.

In August, the Fossil Q Wander and Q Marshal smartwatches were introduced and made available. Four new models were revealed later–Q Tailor, Q Nate, Q Crewmaster, and Q Gazer–and we’re starting the new year with more. New hybrid smartwatches are ready to wow the wearable industry. They are now being showcased in Las Vegas at the CES. There’s the Q Grant, Q Accomplice, and the Q Modern Pursuit as new entries to the Fossil Q line.

These new wearables aren’t all pure digital smartwatches. They are hybrid smartwatches that offer the both analog and digital watch experiences. The Fossil Q Accomplice is the slimmest to date with new face details, three customizable pushers, and always-on connected gauge. The Fossil Q Modern Pursuit boasts of graphic iconography and bold colors that are more ideal for the techie artsy ones. The Fossil Q Grant features a more classic and simple analog design. It shows both traditional design and contemporary functionality. Think of a vintage timepiece but with some hi-tech capabilities.

These hybrid smartwatches all include date, notifications for calls, SMS, calendar events, emails, and alarm. Price range may be $175 to $215 when they are released in Spring. The Fossil Q wearables aren’t just for Android. They are also compatible with iOS beginning with the iPhone 5 or at least running iOS 8.2. Watches connect via Bluetooth.

SOURCE: Fossil


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