We knew that Fossil would be working with Intel to release a connected series of watches and accessories. True enough, the watch brand introduced the Q line of smartwatches including the Android Wear Q Founder. Just recently, it made a deal to buy the Misfit wearable technology brand so you know the company is really interested in the game. This time, we’re focusing on the Q Founder that runs the latest Android Wear and works as a real smartwatch and not just as a simple fitness and health tracker.

The Fossil Q Founder allows customizable watch faces to  give the smartwatch a unique look every time.  It looks like any other stylish Fossil timepieces what with the classic leather accent and steel finish. The wearable device receives notifications for any incoming call, text message, event, appointment, or project. With the Android Wear platform, you can enjoy a number of smartwatch features like Google Now cards popping up on the small screen on your wrist among others.

The Fossil Q Founder runs Android Wear but it’s also compatible with iOS according to Fossil’s Chief Creative Officer Jill Elliott-Sones. He noted that with this development, Fossil is now “accessible to more people, and able to complement even the most unique personal styles”.

The Q Founder starts at $275 which is the average price of current models in the market today although it is pricier compared to the $150 ASUS ZenWatch 2. Specs of the smartwatch include a touchscreen display, Intel Atom processor, 4GB built-in storage, Bluetooth, and a 400mAh battery that can last all day. The smartwatch is also IP67 certified so it can withstand the test of time from being submerged underwater up to one meter and from dust. 

The Fossil Q Founder features Android Wear as the wearable operating system. It comes with companion Fossil Q apps that will let you show timely notifications. As with other Fossil wearable accessories, this one can also track a user’s jumps, steps, and runs.

Oh wait, is that a flat tire on the screen? Uh oh…

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