Many users ran out and bought the LG G2x when it first launched over on T-Mobile. It was what we all thought to be a vanilla Android device aka Google experience device packing a dual-core chip and it would rock. Don’t get me wrong the phone is great but the software had all sorts of LG tweaks and overall it had more than a few issues. Last we heard the update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread and bug fixes was coming by summer and we haven’t heard anything else regarding the matter.

While it’s still summer we all thought it would be here by now especially since a Gingerbread build was leaked months ago. All we have heard this summer has been about quality control issues and demand shortages, and T-Mobile even issued internal documents to staff regarding some of said issues.

The picture above is from the official LG forums and a moderator giving a little indication of when it might actually come. Stating “…I’d be really surprised if it was more than a month out” regarding a comment posted on the forum. So does this mean we will be seeing the OTA to Gingerbread in July? I sure hope so because users are starting to get the run around from T-Mobile regarding exchanges from what we are hearing. Hopefully they get the 2.3 update out and fix all these issues so everyone can enjoy the dual-core goodness inside the G2x.

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