Perhaps the hottest phone on T-Mobile’s lineup, the G2x, has mysteriously disappeared from the carrier’s website. According to TMoNews, the phone may have been pulled for quality issues. A search for the device on currently only results in G2x accessories, but no sign of the device itself.

Despite the great specs and even our own positive review of the G2x, the device has run into several problems since its launch. Customers have voiced complaints of random reboots, light leaks, and other quality issues. Originally thought to be a firmware problem, the G2x being pulled could signal a much more serious hardware problem.

T-Mobile was set to have a midnight sale today to include the G2x, but tweeted late last evening to change their offering to the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G instead. We’ll keep you posted on how this develops, whether T-Mobile confirms any of the issues and if so, whether they plan to recall and replace.

[via TMoNews]