The T-Mobile G2x being pulled from the carriers online store recently spawned rumors that quality issues were behind it. But according to T-Mobile, they temporarily pulled the phone due to inventory constraints. However, they did admit to a having some issues that they plan to fix with an upcoming update. Now a leaked internal document reveals that they’re finally getting more serious about addressing them.

Since day one, the T-Mobile G2x had been plagued with problems such as random reboots, light leakage, and other quality issues. However, T-Mobile says that only a “small percentage” of its customers raised complaints, or in their words “commented about possible improvements.” The carrier did promise that it was working closely with LG to deliver an update to fix those issues.

An internal G2x Issues and Resolutions document surfaced today that shows that T-Mobile is finally trying to address a lot of the quirky problems. But many of the issues are still marked as pending resolution. Hopefully, the upcoming Gingerbread update will fix things. In the meantime, take a look at our G2x review.

[via TMoNews]