Yesterday there was a lot of buzz going around, and apparently just a big rumor mill that the T-Mobile LG G2x was pulled from inventory and the site for quality control issues. We covered that and you can read all about it by clicking here. TmoNews might have been the first to cover the story and everyone else jumped in on the action. It seems that T-Mobile has replied to and squashed these rumors already. The device is so popular inventory is low, they have no quality control issues and it has not been pulled.

There has been many reports about the G2x having screen bleeding issues, as well as random reboot problems and many have taken to twitter to express frustration as well as returning the device. So when it disappeared from T-Mobile’s online store everyone quickly jumped to conclusions.

You can read all of the tweets by checking out @Tmobile. They are answering questions and have mentioned that the LG G2x is in fact in-stock and available at select stores, just not everywhere because of popular demand. Supply is low because all of T-Mobile’s 4G devices have been extremely popular and selling well said T-Mobile. Because of these high sales the G2x is no longer available online until more units can be received and supply restocked. So if you were looking to get in on the 4G dual-core action the G2x has to offer then start looking before it is all sold out.

I do want to mention that my own unit did in fact have extremely bad backlight bleeding and was exchanged for a better device. There does seem to be some issues going on, so for people to assume it was pulled for QC is not far fetched. Maybe stock has not been resupplied until LG can iron out any issues they are having with manufacturing but we have not heard anything regarding this. We will update as we hear more.