We all have been hearing a lot about HD displays on our smartphones as of late. From the HTC Vigor being HD, to the Droid HD spotted this morning. When we say HD we mean something packing in a 720p or higher resolution. The Vigor is rumored to be 1280×720 and the Droid HD should be similar. New reports from OLED-info is now claiming that Samsung and their AMOLED displays will be HD and are coming soon.

Just last week we saw a leaked roadmap from Samsung claiming many 4.5-6″ phones all coming with HD displays and more. We have also heard reports the original Galaxy Tab 7″ will be replaced later this year with a high resolution HD panel. While the AMOLED display has only been in the Galaxy line of phones thus far, we should be seeing them in plenty devices come this fall and early next year.

Recently Samsung has been gearing up AMOLED production and even ordered around 30 million touch sensors so they are planning to sell more than a few million devices that is for sure. OLED-info is claiming not only are the new AMOLED HD displays cheaper to make and being built on a better fabrication, but also be around 20% more efficient than previous models. What that means is we can expect larger, crisper, and prettier displays while not suffering lower battery life. If the 20% efficiency report is accurate these new HD displays could actually help battery life — something I’m sure everyone would be ok with.

We still don’t know all the details and the entire process is pretty complex but from what we are hearing Samsung should be ready to ship the new and beautiful super AMOLED HD panels in smartphones in tablet this fall and holiday season. I now want a quad-core Samsung Galaxy S III with a 4.5″ HD display running on CM7 now that Cyanogen himself works for Samsung, but that is just wishful thinking.

[via OLED-info]