Samsung is one of the most popular makers of Android smartphone out there so when the company starts talking about massive orders and future plans Android fans tend to listen up. Samsung is set to purchase a huge number of touch sensors for Galaxy smartphones in the second half of 2011 according to industry sources cited by DigiTimes.

The sources tell DigiTimes that Samsung is set to order 30 million touch sensors that are used to make 4-inch AMOLED screens. Samsung is reportedly purchasing those sensors to make the AMOLED screens from Chunghwa Picture Tubes and other suppliers. At the same time Samsung is ramping up for 4-inch AMOLED production and securing supplies of touch sensors, it is also getting its own production line to kick off the production of 7-inch AMOLED panels.

The prototype panel was on display at FPD-international and had a resolution of 1024 x 600. Samsung will produce the 7-inch panel on its new 5.5G OLED production line started production in June. The prototype that I mentioned was a standard AMOLED. thinks that the new 7-inch panels might get resolution enhancements ahead of production and suspects that the 7-inch screen that enters production will be of the Super-AMOLED variety. Looking at these reports overall it appears that Samsung likely has new Galaxy devices coming soon and a 7-inch tablet too.