Looks like Google wasn’t the only one getting a huge acquisition today. While they were off buying Motorola Mobility today Samsung was busy hiring yours truly — Steve Kondik (aka Cyanogen himself). This news is almost just as big as this mornings news and the first thing that came to my mind was a Galaxy S III CM Edition, I want one and I want it now!

Cyanogen is one of, if not the best developer to ever hack an Android phone since Android was first released. Him and his team has single handedly kept plenty of phones alive and chugging along and I don’t even need to mention those as I’m sure you all are well aware of his work. If not check out cyanogenmod.com for more details. I am excited and happy to hear of this news and I can only imagine the good things headed Samsung’s way.

Today Steve changed his private Facebook page’s employment status to Samsung Mobile Software Engineer. I’d like to take this time to please ask you not blow up his Facebook as I did state it’s his “private” page and if you’d like to follow him do so at Twitter via @Cyanogen instead. This is huge news for the entire Android and developer community and while we are unsure of what this all means for Samsung and CyanogenMod we are happy for Steve either way and would like to formally say Congratulations and thank you for everything you do for this amazing community.

Steve did assure his fans that CM will still very much be a part of his life and an active side project just as it has always been. These guys all have day jobs, and as much as we’d like to dream they sit around and tinker with Android phones and do nothing else they do in fact have other responsibilities. I for one am patiently waiting for CM7 for my Sensation but I’ll wait until it is good and ready. I doubt we will actually see a CM branded Samsung device but the possibility is now a bit closer right? Think of the possibilities…