We’re taking a break from reviewing, analyzing, and comparing the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge with each other and with other smartphones. After being bombarded with rumors and leaks, now we’re being filled with numerous opinions and reviews of the new Galaxy S7 line. So far, we’ve done initial reviews on the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge’s Dual Pixel Sensor and noted the S7 has the Best Performing Smartphone Display.

Samsung did take gaming seriously on the two smartphones. We also noticed there’s an abundance of cases which didn’t come as a surprise since we sighted a few even before the official launch. However, not everything is good about the Galaxy S7 as it doesn’t support Android Marshmallow’s Adoptable storage feature and it doesn’t have the Samsung Music and Video Player.

Before the premium flagship pair arrives in 60 countries starting March 11, Samsung wants us to know that the new smartphones are ready for seamless integration with several accessories. Thanks to the company’s Designed for Samsung program, more products and services can be integrated with one another.

There’s the new Wireless Charger that promises faster charging. You can fast-charge the S7 and S7 edge within 130 and 155 minutes, respectively. What’s good about the wireless charger is that it can also hold the phone in portrait or landscape position. There are new Battery Packs that offer extra 5,100 to 10,200 mAh of power. To protect the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, there are a lot of new phone covers to choose from.

For those who want to track their daily track activities in a more subtle fashion, there’s the Charm lifestyle band. It doesn’t look like any geeky fitness band. It’s stylish and it comes with a 17 mAh lithium-ion battery which can last a maximum of 18 days. It works with a compatible Charm app that pairs with the Galaxy S7/S7 edge over Bluetooth connectivity. It also works with the S Health app so you can track your steps, calories, and distance. You can choose from the Black, Gold, or Rose Quartz band.

The South Korean tech giant partnered with LINE to bring the latter’s popular characters to phone covers, chargers, and battery packs. If you’re a fan of the LINE friends, you can grab any of the Galaxy x LINE products in the Middle East and Asia.

Samsung also boasts of new covers for the S7. There’s the LED View Cover with LED display and touch interface and the Clear View Cover with anti-fingerprint coating and new finish. Meanwhile, the Lens Cover (with Telephoto and Wide Angle lenses) is an exchangeable lens that can be easily attached to the smartphone.

For those who can’t seem to give up the physical keyboard, there’s a new Keyboard Cover complete with the QWERTY keys. Other accessories available include the Flip Wallet, S View Cover, Clear Cover, and various Leather Covers.

SOURCE: Samsung