The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge were finally launched over the weekend. The pair arrived at the Mobile World Congress as expected. Most of the leaks and rumors turned out to be true and the early sightings were really of the new S7 lineup. Not that the changes were significant but the S7 and S7 edge now come with a microSD card slot and IP67-certification so the premium Galaxy is once again waterproof.

The two features were removed from last year’s S6 and S6 edge, much to the chagrin of loyal Samsung and Android fans. The South Korean giant must have realized the two are very important. The non-removable battery of the S6 line disappointed a lot of people. When it comes to imaging, Samsung didn’t add more megapixels but rather settled for Dual Pixel image sensor.

Such component is a first for a smartphone. We thought Samsung would be using the BRITECELL but instead, a Sony IMX920 sensor was used. There’s an obvious improvement on the camera technology, allowing the S7/S7 edge to take high quality photos even in low light conditions.

The new Galaxy smartphones come with Hyperlapse, Selfie Flash, and Motion Panorama features for great results. The Dual Pixel image sensor delivers better autofocus as it splits every pixel into two photodiodes for on-chip phase detection. This technology is usually used in DSLR cameras but it’s now available on a smartphone.

The technology is not totally new but Dual Pixel in the Galaxy S7/S7 edge makes it more impressive. To give you an idea, only one percent of the Galaxy S6’s image sensor pixels could recognize phase and contrast. In the new Galaxy S7, all of the image pixels could do the job according to Samsung. As for the front-facing cam, it comes with an F1.7 lens while the camera flash uses the 5.1-inch display.

Other people are saying the Galaxy S7 duo isn’t a big upgrade from last year’s pair but if you are a mobile photography enthusiast, you’d find the camera on the new devices way better. Watch the videos below and see for yourself how the Galaxy S7/S7 edge camera improved from last year’s S6/S6 edge:

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S7: Camera Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera (Hyperlapse)

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Camera (Selfie)

Sample photos:

SOURCE: Samsung