5G is the future of mobile Internet. It’s still not the standard but a number of tech companies and networks have began working on the infrastructure and testing the connectivity. Some brands like Qualcomm are already introducing products that will work for the service soon. In the US, mobile carriers such as T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon have started doing trials.

There’s still so much work to do when it comes to global standardization of the 5G technology but in South Korea, both Samsung and KT appear to be reaching early success. The two companies teamed up and did some tests at the Samsung Electronics’ Digital City Campus in Suwon, South Korea. They’re believed to have successfully demonstrated the first 5G connection in the world following the PyeongChang 5G Special Interest Group (SIG) common specification. By early 2018, the first mobile 5G trial service may be delivered before the 2020 target launch.

We’ve been saying that 5G connectivity will be ready sooner than expected, as per the FCC. There’s also that target debut in 2018 just in time for the Winter Olympics.

KT’s Head of Network Division Sungmok Oh said: “KT will continue its efforts to test 5G interoperability between multiple vendors through 2016, while working towards deployment of a test network for in-depth verification in 2017.”

Samsung and KT showed off the 5G virtualized core network that’s a result of ‘implementation of security protocols’, ‘assignment of IP addresses to devices’, and ‘full synchronization of wireless links’ as noted by the SoKor companies in a statement.