Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

The foldable phone category hasn’t grown yet but it certainly has potential. Only a few OEMs have bravely ventured into the game. Samsung is the most popular with its Galaxy Fold line we now know as the Galaxy Z Fold series. The company has introduced a few models in the past two years: the original Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Z Flip and its 5G variant, plus the 2nd-gen Galaxy Z Fold 2. The next foldable phone offering from the South Korean tech giant is believed to be the Galaxy Z Flip 2 to be released in the first half of 2021. In the second half, we hope to see the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Not much has been said yet but we already mentioned the Galaxy Z Fold 3 may come with S Pen support and may be ready by June 2021. Rumor has it the Galaxy Z Fold line may replace the Galaxy Note series but we just heard the Galaxy Note 21 will still be released next year.

Just last week, we also said the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 model will be better yet lighter in form. This time, we’re hearing about an idea that Samsung will reveal three foldable phone models next year. That is not impossible because by now, the company has learned a lot from how it designed the previous foldable phones.

There will be a new foldable clamshell phone–the Galaxy Z Flip 2. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be ready as well. The third variant may be the Galaxy Z Fold Lite which is said to come with a competitive pricing.

This Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Lite may be different from the Galaxy Z Flip Lite. At this point, we want to believe Samsung will unveil a Lite variant of either of the foldable series. A Galaxy Z Flip Lite or a Galaxy Z Fold Lite will definitely help the company in its efforts to make it big in the foldable phone arena.

This Galaxy Z Fold Lite is believed to come with a 4-inch cover display and a 7-inch foldable panel. The same display specs may also be for a Galaxy Z Fold 3 but we’re expecting the cover display will be bigger as with the Galaxy Z Fold 2. However, a smaller cover screen may make more sense if the brand really wants to sell it as a ‘Lite’ variant and as a more affordable foldable phone.


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