Samsung Galaxy S21 Color Variants

Samsung is still the number one mobile OEM in the world. No, Huawei isn’t taking over the South Korean tech giant anytime soon. In fact, it may no longer get near as the phone brands may be sold off to another company as with the Honor unit. Samsung doesn’t need to worry but it shouldn’t be lax either. Its phones are still expensive and so they will have to compete with those premium flagship devices that are more affordable. Most of them are from China.

As for Samsung, the company is estimating it will ship some 26 million units of the Galaxy S21 series. It’s not that large compared to the previous years. It’s the same number of all the Galaxy S20 phones sold last year.

The number seems large but still conservative from Samsung. But we understand the company as it is limiting the chance of consumers and potential buyers to go to retail and offline stores.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Shipments for 2021

Around ten million Galaxy S21 phones are expected to be sold. The Galaxy S21+ about eight million only and another eight million of the Galaxy S21 Ultra may be expected to ship. That’s 40%, 30%, and another 30% of the expected number. The first three months of release are crucial for any flagship series so we’ll see.

What will help Samsung are marketing efforts not only in the US but also in Europe. The number of Exynos- and Snapdragon-powered units will also matter. Another thing that may help but is not favorable for Xiaomi is if and when the latter is also blocked in the United States. Xiaomi was recently added to the US investment ban blacklist.

Samsung already lowered the price of the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is relatively a new entry with its S-Pen support.