Samsung Galaxy S21 Price Cheapest Flagship

In a couple of weeks, the world will be introduced to the new Galaxy S21 series. Samsung is set to announce the Galaxy S21 Galaxy S21+, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The trio has been a favorite subject here and we can expect more information will be revealed in the next few days until the official launch date. A lot of details have been reported already but nothing final yet on the pricing. We just heard some units may be more affordable this time.

The next-gen Samsung Galaxy S21 phones may be cheaper compared to previous models. The Galaxy S21 series may cost anything between 980,000 and 1.18 million won which is around $900 to $1,085.

With the regular Galaxy S21 model going down to $900, it will mean the other higher variants may also be cheaper. A $50 to $100 difference matters.

Samsung usually comes up with more affordable versions of the Galaxy S with the introduction of Lite and FE (Fan Edition). The decision to bring down the Galaxy S21 to $900 may really just be one of Samsung’s new business strategies. It’s possible and can be done by simply replacing some components. Of course, the South Korea still needs to be careful lest it wants quality and performance to be compromised.

A lot has been mentioned about the Samsung Galaxy S21. We know it will come with a new camera module while the Ultra variant will come with S-Pen support. Pre-order has started in the US already so we know the phones are almost ready.


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