Samsung Galaxy Fold hinge improvement

Huawei is said to be preparing already for the Mate X while Samsung is working to explain why the display was breaking. It’s been two months since we first reported breaking of the screen before market launch. Employee training and launch have been canceled in China already. Samsung officially postponed the launch of the foldable phone. Units were then recalled from the press and released in the US has been moved further. The fix was almost done and the phone may be launched again soon but now we’re hearing we may not see a June release yet.

The Android community is hopeful about the release happening very soon. Different firmware versions are available.

The launch is imminent as Samsung is said to have already improved and worked on the problems of the foldable phone. At a recent tech event in Seoul, the future of foldable displays was discussed. Samsung is believed to be re-introducing the device soon as the company worked on the issues surrounding the hinges on top of the display and the protective films.

It’s been said the protective film is the main cause of the issue. Apparently, when the protective film is removed from the flexible display, the problem starts. The transparent PI (polyimide) used to protect the OLED is not enough. Dust on the hinge is also a problem so that must be addressed.

The last couple of months have been crazy and challenging at the same time. Samsung needs to solve the problem before the Galaxy Fold is released to the public. We’re hopeful the first foldable phone from the South Korean tech giant will be a success. We don’t want this to be another Note 7 that was totally canceled and then resurrected.

Market release of the Samsung foldable phone is happening. We just have to be more patient. It’s happening.


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