Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung wants to clear up a major report that circulated recently. Contrary to the news that Samsung Galaxy Fold global sales hit one million units, the South Korean tech giant is being honest that it hasn’t. The company has not reached the said milestone with its first-ever foldable phone. The news of one million sales made an impression with a lot of people in the industry because the progress seemed to be fast. But then again it’s Samsung and most of the premium flagships it introduces quickly sell.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was relaunched in September after several months of redesign. It was supposed to be released in the market in the first half of the year but the tech giant canceled the launch, no thanks to reports of displays breaking. The company had no choice but to make changes to the design and make sure the foldable OLED screen is stronger than ever.

Pre-orders soon opened once Samsung was confident enough the Galaxy Fold is ready. The tech giant made a number of adjustments so the foldable phone is now ready commercially. When it comes to sales, we knew the phone quickly sold out in South Korea which was expected.

Samsung had to accommodate the growing number of orders so it’s been ramping up production. Galaxy Fold sales target by next year has also increased to five to six million in 2020. The phone has already rolled out in China, Japan, other markets but we have no numbers yet.

We know the Samsung Galaxy Fold has really improved in many ways. It’s ready for hundreds of thousands of folds as shown off in a durability test. However, it is also recommended you care for your foldable phone as instructed.

Samsung hasn’t sold one million units yet. A Samsung executive shared the number last week but a spokesperson came out to correct what was reported. No number has been reported but we’re expecting the foldable phone category will flourish next year.