We are still patiently waiting for some Galaxy S II news here in the U.S. with everyone else in the world getting in on the action. The Galaxy S II may be getting CM7 soon but we are still waiting for carriers to pick up the device. We have heard a few different names for the SGSII stateside and now it appears one may have been spotted running some speedtests.

The site Geekaphone.com offers a mobile speedtest users can run and then displays the top speeds on their leaderboard. According to sources the Samsung Galaxy S II known as the Samsung Function for Verizon has topped that chart if the photo above is accurate.

Obviously this can be faked but it also might be real. If they pull info from the build.prop to post the device on the leaderboards we all know how easy that is to edit and the above result could just be a fast or overclocked Thunderbolt for all we know. The original Galaxy S was a huge hit here in the U.S. and we can expect the new model to hit eventually.

Latest reports mention carrier disinterest in the superphone SGSII for some odd reason. Either way we hope this is real, and that it is coming sooner than later. If you are in the need of a laugh check out this Samsung Galaxy S II with a built-in antenna. I have one word for that — Awesome!

[via Phandroid]