Google proudly announced that the Chrome OS-powered Chromebooks would soon run Android apps as Play Store support would be available. A number of models have already received it first in Beta channel. The first two were the Chromebook Pixel and the Acer R11 followed by the Chromebook Pixel 2, Acer Chromebook R13, Samsung Chromebook 3, and HP 13 G1 last year.

Almost a year later, dozens of Chromebooks are being planned and evaluated while there are several on the Beta Channel and Stable Channel. Google recently updated its list of Chrome OS systems receiving Android apps.

Most Android apps would run on Chrome OS but there may be limits because the Chromebook is still different from an Android device. Google said more apps will be ready and official together with the Samsung Chromebook Pro but unfortunately, there is no new Chromebook from Samsung yet and not even new Android apps for Chrome OS. Some apps that can run don’t look good and still need a lot of tweaking.

Google may be the cause of delay here but we’re also looking at the developers to make their own changes. We’re not sure if the apps are already based on Nougat but we’re hoping they will be so you can resize them to any window size.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Chromebook Pro is still delayed. Unlike the Samsung Chromebook Plus which is already up for pre-order, we have no idea now what’s holding up Samsung but it will be “available later this spring” according to a Samsung spokesperson when asked.

VIA: The Verge