The Chromebook Pixel 2 may no longer be available in the online Google Store but the device is still able to run the Play Store. That means Android mobile apps can run on the Chrome OS-powered laptop. The concept has been available since Google announced that it’s possible. The Pixel 2’s version has been ready but only in beta mode.

Good news: the Chromebook Pixel 2 can now run the Google Play Store and allow users to download apps–officially. It’s out of the developer channel which means anyone can download games and apps and use them on the laptop. There are still limits to the apps running but the feature is official and more stable now. There may still be issues but that’s normal.

Google has released that the Play Store for three Chromebooks so far. We noted last week that Chrome OS Stable channel is receiving the Google Play Store. True enough, it’s ready out of beta for those with Chromebooks supported.

No word yet when other models will receive the Google Play Store feature so let’s just wait and see. Google is scheduled to deliver Android apps to the laptop via the Play Store but it’s only a matter of time so be patient. Google will keep its promises.

VIA: SlashGear