The new Acer Chromebook R13 didn’t have Play Store initially but now it’s getting Android App support after a major software update albeit in beta mode. It’s still in Beta channel but you shouldn’t experience any problem with it, running Android apps right on your Chromebook. If you bought an Acer R13 because you thought it would have Play Store support out of the box but only to be disappointed, be glad that it’s about to run your fave mobile apps now for your enjoyment and convenience.

Just go to the Beta channel for the version available and see how Android apps will run on your new Chromebook. It may still have some issues but at least the apps will definitely work. On your Chromebook, check out Settings> About Chrome OS> More Info> Change Channel> Beta. Download the available file then reboot right after. Make sure you enable the Play Store as soon as you restart your machine. Wait for the Play Store logo to appear.

Note that this is only the Beta Channel release. The Stable Channel should be available soon as well although we know there won’t be any significant changes from Beta to Stable but of course, still way better than the Developer Channel version.

VIA: Chrome Unboxed