The 5G Internet connectivity is expected to be really fast. The technology is almost ready after years of development and testing. More hard-core trials are being made before the commercial release. There aren’t many OEMs and mobile carriers that support 5G yet but there are those bold enough, like Huawei with its 5G foldable phone. This year, we can expect the technology to be available in more areas in South Korea and the US. Other countries are still testing 5G so let’s wait and see.

In South Korea, both KT and Samsung are big proponents of the high-speed mobile Internet that’s been the talk of the town since 2015. The 5G connectivity has been out sooner than expected.

Samsung has been working on the 5G tech with a number of OEMs and carriers. In 2016, Verizon and KT teamed up to work on 5G technology and standards.

Today, we’re learning Samsung and KT achieved a new milestone on the 5G commercial network in Seoul. The team reached 1Gbps speed over the air. KT’s 5G commercial network has been available since December 1 last year in the country, specifically, in Gwanghwamun, Seoul.

Gigabit speed has always been a dream and it has come true via KT and Samsung’s efforts. We’re talking about real-world speed here–5G has reached 1Gbps.

The commercialization of 5G isn’t on full gear yet but it could happen anytime soon for most mobile consumers. About 85 cities in South Korean will benefit from this development. By the end of this month, 5G service coverage will expand to several areas in South Korea including those major national highways and high-speed railways (KTX and SRT).

SOURCE: Samsung


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