There is no big announcement yet by either Google or Verizon but RCS on Verizon Pixel 3 phone is finally available. This thing launched yesterday as per a recent thread on Reddit. It was announced only internally though but we’ve got more information below. We no longer question why some brands and companies aren’t too quick in making important announcements because news spread so fast around gadget town. Thank you Internet and the loyal redditors for your keen eyes and observation.

Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL messaging has been enhanced, thanks to RCS. If you may remember, we told you about the tech giant’s plan to expand RCS messaging to Latin America through carrier partnerships. In the US, it teamed up with a number of companies including Samsung, Telenor, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

Some of the chat features to be added are not available in the regular MMS and SMS services. With RCS, you can send larger text messages now, up to 8000 characters max. That is a lot compared to the standard 160 characters on texting and Android Messages Chat.

RCS adds typing indicators and read receipts. You can see if the other person is typing a response and see if a message has been read already.

Transferring of large files as an attachment is also possible. Chat over WiFi is enabled so no need to worry even if you don’t have cellular connection.

Large chat groups can be opened now. You can create one with up to 100 participants. Videos and pictures can be shared in high-quality.

VIA: Reddit