Texting or sending SMS used to be the norm almost two decades ago. Remember the time when you have to tap on a number key a few times just to get a letter of the alphabet. When smartphones entered the scene, on-screen keyboards suddenly became important and thus changed the way we communicated. Instant messaging became a thing, thanks to the numerous communication apps that were developed. Texting isn’t as common now as the mobile Internet is fast becoming a standard. Messaging through the top social networks are very popular these days and we don’t think it will change anytime soon.

T-Mobile is one of the many proponents of this change in communications and the past few years, the company has introduced RCS. Rich Communications Services is a more modern take on text messaging with the advanced features like group messaging, high-resolution photo sharing, long messages over 160 characters, and read receipts among others. Advanced messaging which is part of RCS was actually introduced back in 2015.

The idea of RCS is to offer enhanced messaging services even with the special apps installed. It is built into a network as it can be built into a device. At present, there about 160 million RCS users all over the world. More will be added to the number as other networks are being open now to the technology via the RCS Business Messaging.

RCS Business Messaging allows people to engage with brands and businesses directly and from one messaging platform. Across T-Mobile’s network, more than 250 million RCS messages are being sent every day by 30 million subscribers. This week, T-Mobile is also announcing the GSMA Universal Profile as a new industry standard for sharing of larger files up to 100MB. The new feature will arrive together with the latest software updates.

If you own an RCS-enabled device, you can soon enjoy sending RCS-enabled messages to other people.

SOURCE: T-Mobile