Verizon Smart Family Texting

The texting and SMS landscape hasn’t really changed significantly in the past decade, save from when Apple introduced the iMessage. It’s not something the whole Android community cares about but a new technology known as RCS message is about to change the game. Back in 2016, GSMA, Google, and dozens of global operators agreed to use RCS. Google also teamed up with Telenor to launch RCS messaging. It also announced to expand in Latin America through carrier partnerships.

Google is serious in pushing RCS platform for carriers and businesses. In fact, earlier this year, T-Mobile already updated RCS with GSMA Universal Profile.

And just recently, Samsung and Google also started to work on RCS Messaging for Android. Expect more groups in the US to adopt the technology that may replace SMS with more advanced features.

This time, Verizon is joining the bandwagon towards RCS by introducing group chats and read receipts among others. Support for RCS will be available in 2019 according to Verizon’s SVP of Consumer Products. It’s not certain though if the Universal Profile 1.0 will be implemented.

Only US Cellular and another mobile carrier are using the Universal Profile RCS in the United States. T-Mobile already started but support is limited. Verizon will be updating its messaging system by February so expect an official announcement in the coming months.

VIA: SlashGear


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