Google is best known as the search giant but the company has other popular products and services to offer. We won’t list them down in this post because they are just too many but expect to see more will be updated soon. We already know the Allo team has been gathering feedback to further improve the app. It’s just one of the many developments the company is looking into and now there’s this new project to upgrade SMS.

You see, texting has become a standard tech activity for more than a decade now. More people may be sending SMS less frequently because of instant messaging but it’s here to stay. Google aims to enhance messaging so it teamed up with Telenor more than a year ago to improve the tech. The result is this RCS messaging that is an upgraded SMS.

Other special features include read receipts, hi-res photo sharing, and group chat. You can only enjoy them after an update from the network or Google. Any SMS experience can be improved and it’s currently powered by Jibe RCS. Make sure you process all remaining updates. If you don’t have it yet, now is the time to download.

New and upcoming Android devices will have the RCS messaging app and SMS in default out of the box. It supports a GSMA universal profile standard which is usually supported by many OEMs and over carriers and makers from all over the world.

RCS will soon be available all over Asia and Europe. This 214 million subscribers scattered across these countries will benefit from this launch: Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, India, Malaysia, Montenegro, Myanmar, Norway, Pakistan, Serbia, Sweden, and Thailand. RCS messaging is an advanced feature that should be part of an Android phone as advanced messaging if you are with Telenor.

SOURCE: The Keyword (Google)