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The Pokemon GO Fest is happening in a couple of days and we know the Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois will be filled with trainers and Pokemon (at least in augmented reality). Tickets to the event quickly sold out but those who failed to get one will still enjoy numerous real-world and in-game events and new features. Some improvements have already rolled out including a new gym gameplay. Who knows, you may soon see a shiny Pikachu.

Pokemon GO has turned 1 and both Nintendo and Niantic Labs are busy with more events and enhancements to the phenomenal augmented reality game. As for the Pokemon GO Legendary update, we mentioned a while ago, new Gym Raids have been officially added.

It came as a surprise because we thought it would roll out during the Pokemon GO Fest or maybe after the event. You’ll notice the Legendary Raid Pass in the game that allows you to enter and join a Legendary Raid Battle.

Some Pokemon GO Fest fans may already be there in Chicago to prepare for the big day. The Fest is being set up so players may have the best Pokemon hunting experience as a global challenge will be launched. Note that the Golden Tier must be reached so the Legendary Raid Battle will be opened.

Pikachu will be there at the event so make sure you catch the popular pocket monster. Other updates and features added to Pokemon GO include new icons to the Pokemon information screen, ability for Trainers to spin the Photo Disc at a Gym, ability for Trainers to send Berries to their Pokemon, ability for Trainers to give Berries to Pokemon defending Gyms, better Pokemon Collection screen search, and fixes to several issues like Trainers unable to complete Raid Battles or characters are not properly returned to their Trainers.

VIA: SlashGear