If you’re a hardcore Pokemon GO fan or trainer, we’re certain you’re excited to celebrate the first year anniversary of the top-rated augmented reality game. Nintendo and Niantic Labs have a lot of things in store for the players all over the world. There’s the Pokemon GO Fest happening on the 22nd. If you’re not going, you can still enjoy the Legendary Raid Event, new gym gameplay, and the rare Shiny Pikachu soon among others.

More live events are lined up for different markets as it’s really a worldwide celebration. You may not reach Chicago where the Pokémon GO Fest is happening next Saturday but you can still participate in a global challenge. Trainers can unlock new and special rewards, as well as, join a global challenge.

On the day of the Pokemon GO fest, three Challenge Windows will be opened. Trainers can work with other trainers to unlock those global rewards available. You can work with those gamers in Chicago so you can quickly unlock more perks. Choose the Pokemon type you need to catch.

If you’re not in Chicago, catch as many pocket monsters you can. Who knows, there may be a mystery challenge that will be opened and extra-special bonuses will be offered. Make sure you play on that day and see for yourself what Nintendo and Niantic have in store for the trainers like you.

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SOURCE: Pokemon GO