Pokemon GO AR+ augmented reality

The Pokemon GO is perhaps the most phenomenal mobile game ever introduced. It’s been over two years but loyal fans still look forward to updates and special features to be added. We’ve shared with you dozens of upgrades and good news since 2016 and we don’t think Niantic Labs will stop coming up with new stuff. Back in August, we told you Pokemon Go PvP may be a reality soon. The AR adventure needs to be more exciting and so it’s getting an augmented reality boost. Pokemon GO AR+ is a new way to enjoy the game, thanks to ARCore.

The technology was introduced last year by Google as augmented reality for Android devices. It’s a new platform that was given focus recently by OEMs and developers, adding support and making apps.

Pokemon GO AR+ needs ARCore so you need to download a separate app first directly from the Play Store. Not many devices are compatible so support may be limited.

So how is Pokemon GO AR+ different from the original Pokemon GO? The Pokemon now scales in size as you approach it. The result is it’s easier to catch now.

Simply put, Pokemon GO AR+ is enhanced Pokemon GO. This is next level augmented reality for true blue Pokemon fans.

Check out the list of ARCore-supported Android devices HERE.

SOURCE: Niantic Labs