Google announced that it was planning to bring augmented reality (AR) to the millions that were using Android with ARCore. It’s a platform for AR, a bit like how Daydream is for virtual reality on Android. It was only a matter of time before augmented reality apps started appearing, and today, we have the first of those.

The Atom Visualizer app is pretty straightforward – you can use the app to visualize atoms from the periodic table of elements. From Helium to Organesson, you can display these atoms in AR on your phone screen. The app is easy to use – choose your desired atom, then tap on the screen to lock it in place. You can change orientation on your phone from landscape to orientation and back, walk around it, walk closer to, or further away and the animation on-screen stays in the same place.

Of course, there are only two phones officially supported for ARCore – the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Google Pixel. If you have one of those two, you can download Google’s ARCore Service from the Google Developer Site. Running the app without installing the service will give you an error.

There is another way to test this, and it will possibly work on phones other than these two mentioned. We wrote about a developer project that wants to bring ARCore for all Android users. Check out our article about that one, and see if you can run ARCore on your phone.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store
VIA: AusDroid