POCO is coming back

POCO is definitely back. Not that it went anywhere but Xiaomi’s sub-brand which is now a standalone brand since January has a new offer. The Poco X2 was launched the following month but it is totally different from the POCO F1. Now, the company is about to release a new smartphone that is ‘Passionate, Powerful, Cool Geeky’, and is all about ‘Young Fun’. POCO yesterday announced that ‘Poco is back’. This means a new phone is available. Meet the POCO F2 Pro Smartphone.

After the POCO F1 was successfully launched, we soon learned about the Pocophone F2 trademark being filed. We remember it being benchmarked early but nothing was announced last year. As it turned out, Xiaomi would be making POCO an independent brand.

The POCO F2 Pro is finally here. It boasts powerful advantages from a super processor to a true full screen to an excellent camera and large memory. The phone also boasts fast charging plus 128GB onboard storage and 6GB of RAM. An 8GB ROM with a 256GB variant is also available.

Only the Blue version is listed on the website but we see other color options like Purple, White, and Gray. The phone is one powerful machine ideal for gaming but retains affordability. Like before, we’re left wondering how is this affordable again.

POCO F2 Pro Smartphone

The company is launching the POCO F2 Pro officially soon. For now, the details we mentioned are the only information we know. Feel free to register HERE to be notified of the arrival and even get a $10 discount.


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