Pixel 3 Camera Issue Crashing

More Google Pixel 3 phone bugs are coming out. Okay, so these are not exactly the words we want to say but the latest Pixel Android phone is still not fully fixed. We’ve heard of several problems and issues including that vibration notification interruption, SMS and text messages suddenly disappearing from some units, overheating and phone shutting down while charging, memory management bug, camera failing to store photos, and the 10W charging limit of Pixel 3 to the Pixel Stand.

There’s also the problematic memory management and an earlier issue on the SIM-locking policy of Verizon. Most issues have been addressed already including the photo storage, memory fix, and a workaround for the interruptions.

Another camera related problem has surfaced. The camera crashes at times for many users. Specifically, others experience “fatal errors” when launching the camera app.

It’s a huge problem that must be solved right away because the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are supposed to deliver an impressive camera. A lot of apps also depend on the camera including those editing and messaging apps.

It’s not really the hardware that can always make high-quality photos but the software. Seeing fatal-error while using the camera or any app that uses it can be problematic for most users. A simple restart works for some Pixel 3 owners but for others, a factory reset is needed. If not, the phone may be replaced by Google.

VIA: SlashGear


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