Have you ever had an experience where you were taking a very important video only for your vibration notification to interrupt to wreak havoc and blur your video? Well several Pixel 3 users seem to be having this issue with their devices, among other things. But while Google still has to have an “official fix” for this, there is a slight workaround that you can do in order to avoid having parts of your video go all blurry on you.

If you haven’t encountered this problem before or if you’re planning on buying a Pixel 3 anytime soon, this is what happens. If you’ve enabled vibration on your smartphone, you’re taking a video, and a notification comes on, it will cause a sudden blur in your video. This is a pretty persistent problem even for those who had their phone replaced for one reason or another.

This is a huge problem especially if the video you’re taking is something that you cannot do over. Of course, the solution would be to not enable vibration when you’re planning to take a video. But there are times that you will forget to do so or it’s important that you put your phone on vibrate mode. Some have suggested a workaround while Google still has not given us an official fix for this.

The simple solution is to have the Do Not Disturb mode enabled when you’re taking a video. Go to your settings and look for the Do Not Disturb Access menu. You’ll find a list of apps that are allowed access when you’re in the DND mode and make sure that the camera is enabled.

It’s not a neat solution but it’s all we have for now. In a perfect digital world, notifications should not affect your video taking. But it looks like Google still has some work to do on the Pixel 3 as this is just one of the issues that users are complaining about.

VIA: Piunika Web


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