The notch design is slowly becoming a standard in flagship phones by some of the top OEMs. The Essential Phone started it and then followed by the iPhone X, ASUS ZenFone 5, Huawei P20, OPPO R15, and the upcoming LG G7 ThinQ. We know other companies will also follow suit such as Samsung, OnePlus, and ZTE. HTC won’t be jumping on the bandwagon just yet but maybe next year. Not many people like the idea of a notch but this design serves a purpose.

As described by OnePlus, the notch offers a bigger screen real estate and better display performance. With the extra space on the left and right, you can show more alerts, icons, and notifications. If you find it annoying, you can choose to hide it with a special option or an app like the Nacho Notch.

ZTE has been mentioned to use it on the upcoming ZTE Iceberg. But instead of one, the company may start the dual notch trend. This is something new which somehow tells us ZTE wants to go beyond the usual smartphone features.

This ZTE Iceberg was first sighted as a concept phone at the iF World Design. As it turns out, it’s not the only one. There isn’t much information on the other device with a dual notch but it could also be one and the same but with a different set of features.

A related patent was spotted with a second notch found at the bottom of the display. The patent was only published this April by Chinese patent office SIPO (State Intellectual Property Office).

The top notch may remind you of the Essential Phone while the bottom notch is similar to the unannounced OnePlus 6. As illustrated, there is a circular fingerprint scanner on the rear side of the device. We’re not sure about the bottom notch but it could be something related to an on-screen sensor. It could be experimental and may serve as a transition to a truly bezel-less display.

We can’t say yet if ZTE will implement the dual-notch design but we agree the bottom notch seems unnecessary. ZTE has been prolific the past years in introducing new phones but it’s facing a big challenge at the moment. It’s been sanctioned for lying to the US government so we’re not sure about the company’s next steps.

VIA: MobielKopen