OnePlus is already working on the OnePlus 6. It’s not fully ready yet but the OEM still has a lot of time for design, development, and testing. We heard it may have a 19:9 display and not just 18:9 and it will be powered by a Snapdragon 845. The phone is already said to have hit Geekbench with high scores and that it may have a notch. We’re certain OnePlus is jumping on the notch bandwagon and will follow the trend employed first on the Essential Phone, Apple iPhone X, ASUS ZenFone 5, Oppo R15, Huawei P20, Vivo X21 UD, and the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 7, Nokia 2018 flagship, and LG G7.

Others may not like the notch design but it has a purpose. The extra space on the left and right of the center notch can be used to show more icons, alerts, and notifications. There are those saying any phone that will come out with a notched display will simply be an iPhone X copycat. Well, to be fair, the Essential Phone was the first device to roll out with a notch.

OEMs have different reasons for using the design and its implementation won’t be forever. Apple may even be dropping the notch design. The next-gen Essential Phone may no longer have it. Huawei did add the notch but only as part of transition before going full bezel-less.

As for the next OnePlus phone, the ‘6’ will have it for more screen real estate. The smaller the notch, the more display available to preview more stuff. OnePlus’ notch won’t be like the others. It is smaller than the iPhone X’s but bigger than Essential’s. The exact measurement is 19.616mm x 7.687mm according to OnePlus Global Director and co-founder Carl Pei.

Maximizing screen real estate is the main goal of OnePlus for bringing the notch. By taking the status icons and notifications on top, the phone will have more space for display. Unlike the other smartphones, OnePlus 6 will still feature a headphone jack so there’s nothing to worry about.

VIA: The Verge


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