The OUYA game console release was previously delayed until June 25th, however that doesn’t seem to have stopped those who have one of the already available developer units. We know the OUYA team is friendly towards hacking and modding. In fact, they previously announced a MakerBot partnership that will allow users to create their own cases. More to the point for today though, those developers have already released a working version of CWM Recovery.

We should point out that this release is unofficial. Still, it does create the path that will allow users to load custom ROMs on the OUYA console. That also brings us to the other catch, we have yet to see any custom ROMs released for the OUYA console just yet. That last bit isn’t much of a surprise though and now that this CWM Recovery option is available, that may push some developers to speed things up.

Anyway, while we wait for those custom ROMs to start coming available, there is the process of getting the OUYA CWM Recovery installed. As one tends to expect with items coming from xda developers, this has arrived with a detailed set of directions. The process is broken down into nine steps and while it doesn’t seem all that difficult to follow — we do suggest treating the process with care in an effort to avoid doing any damage to your console.


You will need to download the files and also make sure you have a microUSB cable to connect the OUYA to a computer. Other items that will be needed is a USB keyboard and some patience. And by that last one, that will likely help as certain steps require you to sit and wait. Take step 5 for example, this one instructs the user to wait for 30 seconds before moving on. Basically, we suggest reading and then re-reading the directions to help ensure the process runs smoothly.

Otherwise, we have also seen XBMC up and running on the OUYA back in March and more recently, we have been seeing talk of games. The OUYA team previously shared details of how they have over 10,000 developers on board. More specifically though, talk has come from the likes of Madfinger Games and Airtight Games with the latter announcing an OUYA exclusive of Soul Fjord.

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