We recently learned OUYA had more than 10,000 confirmed developers. And while that number sounds impressive and could ultimately bring good things for OUYA users, it is hard to deny that specific developers can bring a bit of excitement on their own. Enter the latest news from OUYA, who have come forward with details of a new and exclusive title that is in the works.

The game is called Soul Fjord and it is coming by way of Kim Swift and Airtight Games. We suspect many of the gamers will already have made the connection here, however just in case, think Portal and Left 4 Dead. Anyway, Soul Fjord is described as being a “randomly-generated dungeon crawler with rhythm-based combat set in a fantasy universe where the genres of 70’s Funk and Soul meld with Norse mythology.”

The game is said to feature everything from lounge Dragons to Disco Wizards and “one bad*** Viking named Magnus Jones.” The game has you playing as Magnus Jones, who aside from being a viking, is a legendary warrior valiantly slain in battle. Those curious should check out the game trailer, which is sitting just below.

Otherwise, the OUYA game console recently cleared the FCC and at last we heard, it was shipping as expected and would be arriving for all Kickstarter backers before the end of May. The folks at OUYA have also previously confirmed the console would have more than 100 games available at launch and that the retail availability would begin on June 4.

[via OUYA Blog]