One of the most exciting Android devices to turn up on Kickstarter in recent memory was the Ouya game console. This device aims not only to bring Android games to your big-screen TV, but streaming video services and other content as well. The launch of the device had been expected for early June, but that has been delayed.

Ouya has now announced that it is delaying the launch the console by about three weeks. The new official launch date is June 25, but considering the history of delays that date could change again. The official reasoning for the delay from Ouya is to allow time to build more units in have more units on store shelves.

However, Joystiq reports that the delay is also to allow the company to revamp its controller. The controller is reportedly having issues with buttons getting stuck under the faceplate. Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman says that the problem with the sticky buttons is already addressed and the controllers are in production.

The solution was as simple as making larger button holes. Uhrman says that they made this change early on and all units being produced currently use the larger button holes to alleviate the problem with sticking.

[via Joystiq]


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