Samsung Galaxy Fold

The battle between Samsung and Huawei will never be over. Even if Samsung is experiencing slow revenue growth while Huawei is facing major challenges because of the US trade ban, the two will compete in many areas. Note the flagship category and the low-cost market and then there’s the foldable phone game. The latter hasn’t really started because the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s launch has been postponed, causing Huawei to take a closer on the Mate X and moving its release to September.

Samsung isn’t canceling the foldable phone. It’s only a matter of time before the South Korean tech giant rolls out the device. And while we’re waiting for the original phone, we’ve begun to hear about the next-gen Samsung foldable phone.

So far, we’ve heard the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may arrive with S-Pen support. There’s a possibility a clamshell foldable smartphone will be introduced. Samsung is working on multiple models so it may be ready if and when the Galaxy Fold completely fails.

Instead of an inward folding device, the next-gen Samsung foldable phone may fold outwards. The other smartphone may even arrive earlier than the Huawei Mate X. Again, there is no official relaunch date yet but it should happen anytime soon.

A Samsung Display executive already said the Galaxy Fold is ready. A July launch isn’t happening but we’re really looking forward to the hinge improvement and screen fix. As for the other version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the foldable version may start selling in September as per Samsung’s President for Western Europe Vincent Pang. The foldable phone will also include 5G support.

As much as we’re excited about another foldable phone from Samsung, we just want to test and see the Galaxy Fold–the original Samsung foldable phone–without any kinks. We only want to know if the South Korean tech giant can fix what it failed to do earlier.