The OnePlus 5 definitely made a splash when it was first launched last month but it’s been getting contrasting reviews. We’ve been hearing a number of problems and issues including the cheating at benchmarks which was immediately denied by the CEO, stuttering which is said to be normal, and audio channels not switching with orientation. There’s also that issue of jelly scrolling, as well as, the 911 reboot problem.

The OnePlus employees always have a quick response and explanation. A fix for the sudden restarting when calling emergency already rolled out but looks like the Chinese OEM will have some more explaining and fixing to do as a number of OnePlus 5 owners are posting complaints. Apparently, users have been receiving notifications and ads from the company.

OnePlus 5 users have been saying it is not okay and that they do not really care even if the alerts are for the smartphone. It appears to be happening in most OP5 units, annoying a lot of people because they are bordering on being spammy. Some people reportedly get up to 70 notifications at once. There seems to be a limited option in making them go away. You can click, dismiss, or choose ‘not now’ but you cannot swipe left or delete them all.

Numerous Reddit threads are open already and discussing this problem. It’s obvious that these users only want one thing–for these ads to go away. OnePlus hasn’t made any official statement or fix yet but we’re crossing our fingers the company will release one soon.

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