The next OnePlus flagship phone may come with a 120Hz screen. This one can be expected as the Chinese OEM presents a new screen technology as a media communication meeting was held in Shenzhen yesterday, January 13. The 120Hz panel has been designed and development has been completed already. This means it is almost ready for upcoming smartphones from the company. The 2020 OnePlus phone will definitely have a 120Hz OLED panel with 2K resolution. The screen sampling rate is up to 240Hz which makes it the highest so far in the industry according to OnePlus.

This new screen from OnePlus also boasts having the highest color standard. It’s even said to be better than the iPhone 11 Pro Max with JNCD <0.9 and the industry-standard at JNCD <2. The 120Hz display isn’t really a new technology by OnePlus has done optimizations here and the display is ready for commercial use.

The display boasts comfort, accuracy, and smoothness not usually found in other screens. It delivers up to 120 frames, 240Hz screen sampling rate, Smooth Chain optimization, MEMC independent chip, smartphone color calibration, 10bit color display effect, and automatic brightness adjustment 4096 levels.

With all these features and optimizations, the company is expected to deliver the best 120Hz screen experience to mobile consumers via the OnePlus 8 due next quarter. We started watching the next OnePlus 8 smartphone since October with a punch-hole display and rear quad cameras.

The device may arrive in the United States via Verizon. We’re not sure if T-Mobile will also release its OnePlus 8 offering. The regular OnePlus 8 model may even come with a OnePlus 8 Lite and a OnePlus 8 Pro.